Hailing from Rhode Island via Calgary, AB, and Tuscon, AZ, also Vancouver for a bit, then back to Tuscon, and some other places I’m likely forgetting….it is Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure’s pleasure to present official member -- Mathew (One T) Provost!!!

*Explosions and cheers and fire

Mat and Trevor grew up together as best buds.  Meeting in early grade school (actually they met in band, but they say grade school), Mat mostly hung out with Trevor because Trevor’s Dad gave out free haircuts, and Trevor mostly hung out with Mat because Mat would encourage Trevor to try and dance with girls at the club.  In conclusion, Mat usually had bad looking hair and Trevor was mostly (always) single.

The pair persevered in friendship nonetheless, founding their first business in 10th grade selling risqué photographs printed off the internet and in color in the hallway of their high school during class change.  The lessons from that enterprise inspired Mat, who today runs a number of successful businesses (including a videography venture) with his wife and life companion, Sara.   

Mat is also the first of Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure to have sired not one but two very precious Jr. Unicorns -- the rambunctious, rebellious and oh so smart Sofia, and the delightful bubbly James.  

But this isn’t a family and risqué photo blog, this is a training blog!  Extreme Training (jk)!  And so let’s get to that part!

Mat’s pre-triathlon exercise past was, well, spotty at best.  There was this one time he and Trevor used a free pass to go to the newly opened local rec club.  Mat’s entire workout consisted of yelling at (then) fat Trevor to “do more” reps on the tricep extension machine (the only machine the pair could figure out).  Trevor tired, Mat’s throat got sore from yelling, the two left; Trevor couldn’t straighten his arms for a week afterwards, Mat’s throat was fine.

Then there was the time Mat was running on a treadmill at his technical school at like a 7 and someone asked him if he’d ever thought about trying out for track and field.   He bragged about that for a month.  He never tried out for track and field.

Admittedly, Mat was really good at running for the bus as Trevor doddled behind.  He gets props for that.  Although he ran for the bus because he didn’t want to walk places, so we’ll call that a push.

A few rounds of p90x here, the occasional month long stint in the gym there, the way it goes for most of us.  In the end, Mat had aspirations but life would always get in the way.

But then we fast-forward to April, 2015.  Furious 7 has just been released, and as all good buddies do an international reunion took place in Boston to preview the film and go go-karting.  Over at Mat’s house, a curious silhouette appears in the basement.  It was in fact a road bike on a practice trainer.

Trevor had just begun his first triathlon journey, so this image was all too familiar, but never in a ‘Provost’ form.  Covered in laundry it was clear that life had taken over, but that the desire was there.  All that was needed was a spark.

In 2016 that spark came, mostly (probably) because of the inspirational posts found on this blog, and one day Mat just decided...and we mean legit decided…..that he could do this too.  He folded the laundry draped on that trainer and signed up for his first Olympic distance race with nary a care or a “how” or a second thought.  A borrowed wetsuit and a dusty pair of shoes completed the kit and Mat in all his glory gasped and choked and fought his way (including a bike vs car collision during the race) to a last in age group finish.  His baby girl yelling “go daddy go” the entire way.

And we at Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure could not have been more proud.

Because Mat, in every way, embodies exactly what Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure is.  To pick up, to make a choice, and to be driven by the “doing”, not just the “finish”.

From that point Mat has been unstoppable.  As his personal challenge, he has laid down a highly ambitious 2017 race season including his first ever half-Ironman at Mont Tremblant, Quebec in June and his first ever full Ironman at the pinnacle Ironman Arizona as part of the Ironman Foundation Team IMF 2017 this November.  Racing and charity?  What could be more better?

So welcome ‘One T’ to the journey that is Team Unicorn Sparkle Adventure.

Follow Mat’s journey here at teamunicornsparkleadventure.com and @unicornsparkleadventure.